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The Emco Story

Emco was founded in 1990 by Zdeněk Jahoda who had worked in foreign trade and focused on the export of textile machinery. However, in the early 1990s with the political change after the “Velvet revolution”, it became clear that this type of business had no future. While people started to leave the company, Zdeněk Jahoda stayed and his job approximated that of an entrepreneur. Then he had to ask himself: "Why work for a state-owned enterprise when I can be my own boss?" Having founded Emco, the core of its business lay in "regular" foreign trade. One time, wood was exported abroad, another time clothes were imported. However, the most intensive development was present in the grocery sector. On foreign markets, cereals—something totally unknown in the Czech Republic to that date—were gaining in popularity.

Zdeněk Jahoda therefore started to focus on importing cereals, in particular from Germany. Over time, he thought it might be better to replace German texts on the imported products, and designed his own packaging which featured the Emco logo created based on the initials of his first-born son, Martin. The year was 1994 and at that time Blanka, Zdenek Jahoda's wife, joined the business. Emco products contained German müsli with Czech packaging. One day, Zdeněk Jahoda made a decision to take his business a step further and to start making his own müsli.

The first attempts took place in his own kitchen oven in the 1990s. He published an ad to get help with product development and hired a lady who had had prior experience with laboratory work at food production companies. Having finalized the recipe for the company’s first products, he bought a large and professional second-hand oven and, in 1998, Emco officially started its own müsli production. From the very beginning, Emco was among pioneers on the cereal market in the Czech Republic. In addition to its first müsli product line, the company started manufacturing other products, as well: oatmeal, biscuits, and cereal bars. Today, Emco is a leader on the Czech cereal market. Aside from its Czech-based production for which the company's own oat flakes is used, it also exports its products to more than 50 countries all over the world.

Being an innovative and product orientated company, Emco's mission is to ensure that its customers enjoy flavourful and healthy breakfasts and snacks. The vision and objective of Emco is to become a global player on the cereal market while maintaining a strong local character: since its foundation, the company has been run by the Jahoda family who place their business emphasis on being local and building trust with customers, making Emco a family business ready for the future.

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